Martin Foundation

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“Family Faith in Action”

The non-profit arm of RoyOMartin, the Martin Foundation, exists to exhibit charity and philanthropy by financially supporting organizations in our communities whose missions are in line with those of our family business and Christian faith. It is our intent to inspire philanthropic giving and service to future generations of the Martin family.

It is the mission of the Martin family to demonstrate our Christian values through charitable giving in the communities where we live and work by addressing social, educational, and cultural needs. The Martin Foundation will support the following types of organizations:

Social Outreach

The Martin Foundation is committed to strengthening families through social programs that assist the homeless, victims of domestic abuse, orphans, and single parents. These programs include support for health and disaster relief.


The Martin Foundation supports education through timber-industry related workforce development, scholarships for employees and their children, and financial assistance to local schools and public colleges.

Cultural Programs

The Martin Foundation supports visual and performing arts that enrich the cultural experiences in our communities.

Because we recognize the invaluable contribution of our employees and the communities that support us, the focus of our charitable giving stays primarily in the areas where our businesses operate. The foundation also supports other charities that are important to our family members.