RoyOMartin Forestry Team Marks Ten Years Accident-Free

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RoyOMartin Forestry Team Marks Ten Years Accident-Free

Posted on August 2, 2017

Alexandria, La. – (August 2, 2017) – Wood-products manufacturer RoyOMartin announced today its forestry team has completed ten years without an OSHA-recordable injury. This represents 624,000 direct hours of work in mobile, physical occupations that present ever-changing tasks and ample opportunity for missteps. The company credits each individual on the team, all of whom have demonstrated a commitment to safety in the workplace.

“As our forestry team celebrates 10 years without a recordable injury, we should all consider some of the reasons this has occurred,” said RoyOMartin Senior Vice President and COO Scott Poole. “First and foremost, they work with a high degree of autonomy, making individual accountability a must. Secondly, they have a very strong buddy system that has fostered a brother's-keeper attitude at all levels. Lastly, they truly believe that injuries are avoidable and constantly practice skills learned to accomplish this.”

“Our forestry team continues to lead the organization through their efforts to place safety at the beginning of each thought or task and recognizing and communicating potential safety concerns,” said Bill McDermott, RoyOMartin’s human resources development manager. “When you consider that these folks work through heat, humidity, and cold, and that they drive literally millions of miles on improved and unimproved roads, work around heavy equipment supervising loggers, and are even crawling through briars, this is an amazing accomplishment.”

The forestry division’s achievement follows RoyOMartin’s safest year on record and the continuation of its “I Believe in Zero” safety program, started in 2015, which focuses on personal responsibility.

“For many years, RoyOMartin’s safety culture has been grounded in the philosophy that all injuries can be prevented,” explained Terry Secrest, RoyOMartin vice president of OSB and corporate safety director. “Keys to our safety program’s success include the support of our executive leadership and the personal commitment of each team member, as evidenced by increased near-miss reporting, performing quality safety audits, and making daily safety contacts.”

McDermott put an important perspective on the forestry team’s ten-year milestone.

“Ten years accident-free is a great accomplishment, and every member of the team is to be commended,” he said. “But diligence doesn’t end at ten years, and tomorrow, like every day, we will put safety first. We want to keep this momentum going and are always looking for ways to improve.”

Echoing the sentiments of others at RoyOMartin, Vice President of Land and Timber Cade Young stated in a message to the entire forestry team, “While there are many great tools and programs we have employed over the years to protect ourselves from dangers and promote engagement in our safety culture, it is only through your continued personal commitment to safety that such an awesome accomplishment as this was achievable. I thank each of you for having made that commitment. Congratulations!”

RoyOMartin will host a celebration for its approximately 50 foresters and support personnel in the near future. 

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