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Jonathan E. Martin


Jonathan E. Martin- Chairman/Chief Executive Officer Jonathan serves as chairman of the board for Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C. A native of Ringgold, Louisiana, Jonathan is an industrial engineering graduate of Louisiana State University. Having worked summers and school vacations for the company, he joined the company’s Castor sawmill full time in 1971 and ascended to management, succeeding his father as company president and CEO in 1994. Jonathan is the grandson of company founder Roy O. Martin, Sr., and son of Ellis Martin, president from 1978-1994.


Roy O. Martin III

President/Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Roy O. Martin III- President/Chief Financial Officer  Roy is the president and chief financial officer for Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C. Like his cousin Jonathan, Roy spent much of his youth and young-adult life working in various company locations. After earning his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Louisiana State University, Roy joined the company full time in 1985 and later completed his Master of Business Administration at LSU. He attained the role of CEO in 2016. The grandson of Roy O. Martin, Sr., he grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana, as the only son of Roy O. Martin, Jr., company president from 1962-1978.

E. Scott Poole

Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

E. Scott Poole- Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer  Scott serves as senior vice president and chief operating officer for Martin Sustainable Resources L.L.C. Originally from Jena, Louisiana, Scott attended Louisiana Tech University, where he majored in forestry. After college graduation, he began working for RoyOMartin’s forestry department in 1986 and later obtained his MBA from Louisiana State University. Through being named to his current position in 2003, Scott became the highest-ranking non-family member in company history.


Jesse Bolton- Chief Information Officer
Jesse Bolton
Chief Information Officer
Brian Harpe- Vice President of Supply Chain
Brian Harpe
Vice President of Supply Chain
Joe Mackay- Vice President of Plywood
Joe Mackay
Vice President of Plywood
Darryl Monroe- Corporate Treasurer
Darryl Monroe
Corporate Treasurer
Ray Peters- Vice President of Human Resouces & Marketing
Ray Peters
Vice President of Human Resources & Marketing
Cade Young- Vice President of Land & Timber
Cade Young
Vice President of Land & Timber
Adrian Schoonover- Vice President of Engineering
Adrian Schoonover
Vice President of Engineering
Terry Seacrest- Vice President of OSB
Terry Secrest
Vice President of OSB
Ray Brown- General Counsel
Ray Brown
General Counsel