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RoyOMartin is the result of a vision set in motion generations ago.

Beginning in 1923 with a six-foot "groundhog" band saw and a serious commitment to provide customers with service and quality, the company now known as RoyOMartin was on its way to becoming one of the largest independently owned lumber companies in the South.

From the beginning, one of the key factors to the long-term success of the company has been the acquisition of tracts of timberland. Today, RoyOMartin has a land base of 570,000 acres of prime southern pine and fine hardwoods throughout Louisiana, made up of tracts from 20 acres to over 10,000 acres in size. This natural-resource base supports two state-of-the-art OSB- and plywood-manufacturing operations in Louisiana. In all, RoyOMartin employs approximately 1,100 committed, competent, and contributing team members.

With sound high-yield forestry programs started back in the 1950s, RoyOMartin continues to take special pride in timber as a uniquely renewable resource, which is evidenced by its FSC® certification.

Systematic research, planting, thinning and harvesting allows the company to rebuild the forests better and faster than before and gives the satisfaction of putting back more into nature than was removed.

Today, just as it was in 1923, our commitment to customer satisfaction and a quality product is at the core of every RoyOMartin operation.

RoyOMartin 90th Anniversary Video

The acronym R.I.C.H.E.S properly explains our value system: