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RoyOMartin currently operates these manufacturing facilities:

     Martco L.L.C. (OSB; Oakdale, Louisiana)
     Martco L.L.C. (Plywood & Timbers; Chopin, Louisiana)
     Corrigan OSB, L.L.C. (OSB; Corrigan, Texas) - Opening fall 2017!
All of RoyOMartin’s wood products are available FSC® certified. For more information on our variety of quality wood products, visit products.royomartin.com.

Today, just as it was in 1923 with our first sawmill, RoyOMartin’s commitment to customer satisfaction and a quality product is at the core of every operation.

RoyOMartin Vision Statement:

  • RoyOMartin will honor its values as a privately held, customer focused, ethically managed company.
  • RoyOMartin will distinguish itself as the company of choice for employees, vendors, and customers.
  • RoyOMartin will acquire and manage land, timber, and mineral resources to optimize value while maintaining FSC® certification.
  • RoyOMartin will strive to be recognized as the industry leader in each business segment, as measured by safety, customer satisfaction, environmental compliance, and profitability. 

Commitment to Safety:

At RoyOMartin, we believe that our employees, shareholders, suppliers, and other stakeholders benefit from our commitment to health, safety, and the environment, both at work and at home. We come to work each day with the outlook that all injuries are preventable, that it is possible to have zero accidents. Hence, our slogan “I Believe in Zero,” or IBiZ.

To read our Corporate Safety Policy, click here.